Chakra Healing Crystal Set
Chakra Healing Crystal Set

Chakra Healing Crystal Set

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Our Chakra healing crystal set includes everything you need to help heal and balance all seven of your Charkas. Chakras are believed to be part of the subtle body, not the physical body, and as such are the meeting points of the subtle, non-physical energies. Know for their healing powers, holding the crystals or placing them on your body helps promote physical, emotional and spiritual healing.You may do this during or after meditation, yoga or any spiritual rituals you practice. These crystals may also be used by your bedside to promote healing while you sleep.

Chakras, meaning "wheels" in Sanskrit, are pools of energy with specific vibrations and colors that influence not only different physical regions of the body, but also emotional and spiritual well-being. Even though it's said that we have 114 of these centers spread throughout our body, in the chakra system there are seven main areas:

Crown Chakra known as Sahasrara, is located at the top of your head. Your Sahasrara represents your spiritual connection to yourself, others and the universe. It also plays a role in your life’s purpose.

Third Eye Chakra known as Ajna, is located between your eyes. This chakra provides us with our instincts and intuition. It’s also linked to our imagination.

Throat Chakra known as Vishuddha, is located in your throat. This chakra has to do with our ability to communicate verbally.

Heart Chakra known as Anahata, is located near your heart in the center of your chest. The heart chakra is all about our ability to love and show compassion within ourselves and towards others.

Solar Plexus Chakra known as Manipura, is located in your stomach area. It is responsible for our confidence and self-esteem, as well as helping us feel in control of our life.

Sacral Chakra known as Svadhisthana, is located just below your belly button. This chakra is responsible for your sexual and creative energy. It is also responsible for how we relate to our emotions as well as the emotions of others.

Root Chakra known as Muladhara, is located at the base of the spine. It provides us with a foundation for life, helps us feel grounded and provides us strength when we are faced with challenges. Our root chakra is responsible for our sense of security and stability.

These sets come with an assortment of stones which may include: Muladhara, The Root Chakra/ Red = Red Aventurine, or Jasper. Svadisthana, The Sacral Chakra/ Orange = Carnelian, or Orange Calcite. Manipura, The Solar Plexus Chakra/ Yellow = Calcite, Citrine, or Jasper. Anahata, The Heart Chakra/ Green = Green Aventurine, Green Agate, or Amazonite. Vishuddi, The Throat Chakra/ Blue = Sodalite, Lapis Lazuli, Blue Aventurine, or Agate. Ajna, The Third Eye Chakra/ Indigo = Amethyst, or Agate.

Our chakra sets are made with natural crystals therefore each one will have a variation in its own characteristics such as color and size allowing each one to be beautiful and unique just like you!