Mangano Calcite Crystal Massage Wand

Mangano Calcite Crystal Massage Wand

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Mangano Calcite is a crystal stone which encourages inner peace, compassion, love and self-healing vibrations. It stimulates the Heart Chakra making it a natural healer of the heart by providing us the strength to push forward through pain and trauma we have suppressed. Its healing abilities allow forgiveness, compassion, and understanding to flow within us by helping relinquish judgement, resentment and filling you with hope and transformation.

Mangano Calcite provides a sense of harmony and allows us to learn how to achieve spiritual peace by finding comfort within our true authentic self.

Our rounded massage wands are perfect for massages, reiki treatments and crystal healing during meditation. These wands provide an intimate, soothing treatment to help relieve stress while allowing us to tune into the sacredness of self-love and satisfy our own desires. Simply slow down and nourish yourself with endless, self healing pleasure as you reach your path to enlightenment.

Our massage wands are made with natural crystals therefore each one will have a variation in its own characteristics such as color and size allowing each one to be beautiful and unique just like you!